laser hair removal for white hair

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective for White Hair?

Many people use different hair removing methods to remove unwanted and excess hair from their bodies. They go for shaving, waxing, threading, and even laser treatments. Except for laser treatments, all other methods give temporary results. Due to temporary effects, most procedures are not preferred by those with quick hair growth. People with white hair also face this problem. Now, a question arises on how laser hair removal works for white hair. But, before answering this question, let’s understand why our hair turns white.

Why Does Hair Turn White?

Our hair and skin colors are dependent on a pigment found in our bodies. This pigment is called melanin. Melanin production varies for every human being. So, people with higher levels of melanin pigment have darker hair and skin and vice versa.

As we age, the facial hair growth increases while melanin production reduces and ultimately eliminates. Although melanin production reduces, hair growth doesn’t stop. As a result, due to insufficient melanin, our hair starts becoming more translucent.

So, the main reason behind hair turning white is a reduction in melanin pigment. It is usually caused by aging, but other reasons can also cause it. These reasons include:

  • Genetics
  • Certain Types of Anemia
  • Vitiligo
  • Thyroid Dysfunction

If age is not the cause of melanin deficiency, there are ways to increase it. We can use one of the following nutrients for improving melanin pigment in our bodies:

  1. Antioxidants
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Herbs

Now, a question may arise whether laser hair removal for white hair works or not?

Does Laser Hair Removal for White Hair Work?

The short answer is NO!

Let’s discuss why!

Several treatments are available for removing white/grey hair. However, laser treatments for white hair removal are not one of them. Laser hair removal for white hair does not work because of one reason.

The laser technology works by targeting the dark melanin pigment found in the follicles. Our hairs turn white due to the absence of melanin. So, due to the lack of pigmentation, laser beams don’t work on white hair.

Laser hair removal is not only impossible for white hair but also other light-colored hair, including red, blonde, ash, grey, gold, etc. Due to a lack of pigmentation, light-colored hair becomes unsuitable for laser hair removal. We can use other hair removing techniques apart from laser treatment.

Some temporary and semi-permanent methods for removing white hair are given below:

  1. Epilation
  2. Tweezing
  3. Waxing
  4. Hair Removal Creams
  5. Facial Spring
  6. Threading
  7. Dermaplaning
  8. Electrolysis Treatment

Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work for Dyed White Hair?

In laser treatment, laser beams target the melanin pigment. It is already established that laser treatments for white hair removal don’t work. The reason is the absence of pigment.

For countering the hair removal problem for white hairs, carbon dyes are produced. These dyes can be used for dying the light-colored hair. Although this method doesn’t provide the same results as darker hair, it is still better than white hair.

So, we can say that laser hair removal for white hair works somewhat better when they are dyed.

Bottom Line

Laser treatments for white hair removal may not be an ideal hair removal solution. Several temporary and semi-permanent solutions for white hair removal are available. Although these treatments are not permanent, they still provide excellent results. Moreover, dying white hair in a darker color also helps in laser hair removal treatment.

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