Top 3 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is Beneficial For Men

There is no doubt that unwanted facial and body hair are some of the most annoying things to deal with. They will always grow back no matter how many times you remove them. Well, that’s what hair is supposed to do. It’s up to you how you are removing them and which methods you are adopting. Nowadays, apart from women, men are also opting for methods to remove this unwanted hair. They are becoming more conscious about their grooming and are freely using cosmetic procedures to remove excess hair. After all, a perfectly groomed body is the right of every person whether men or women.

Several hair removal methods are available in the market like shaving, tweezing, waxing, and depilatory creams. But all of them are ineffective and unable to reduce hair growth permanently. However, laser hair removal is one such treatment that is best among all.

Laser Hair Reduction for Men

The majority of men are opting for laser hair removal in Dubai to get a hair-free body because unwanted hair looks extremely unpleasant. Shaving such hair regularly is not a permanent solution to this problem. Also, the kind of fast life people are living in this era does not allow them to take time for those conventional hair removal methods. Therefore, they have opted for a quick fix in the form of laser hair removal. It is becoming a popular treatment due to its efficacy and ability to remove hair from any part of the body. It is completely safe and does not cause any side effects.

Reasons to Choose Laser Hair Removal

Today, we will discuss some of the prominent reasons why men should opt for laser hair removal and how it is beneficial for them.

So, let’s begin,

Laser hair reduction is beneficial for men because;

  • It can help you avoid razor burns or cuts
  • You will have no more hairy chests or backs
  • You can keep a perfectly shaped beard

Now let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. No More Razor Cuts or Burns

Shaving is the last-minute solution for men to remove excess hair which exposes their skin to the dangers of razors cuts and burns. This is the reason that using razors to remove unwanted hair is not considered the best solution. The cuts or burns produced during shaving can be extremely painful and difficult to hide.

Moreover, aggressive shaving can lead to ingrown hair because when the razor blade cuts the hair, its tip is left with a sharp point. There are chances that these sharp tips curve backward and pierce the skin. The human body then reacts to this ingrown hair by producing a bump called folliculitis because it takes it as a foreign object. Folliculitis is a sort of inflammation caused by razors that can turn into dark spots as well if not treated on time.

Therefore, skin specialists recommend laser hair removal for men because it protects your skin while targeting the hair follicles only and destroying them. No cuts or skin burns are caused, and you can safely get rid of all those unappealing hair. In this way, laser hair removal proves to be beneficial for men because it protects you against inflammations and dark spots.

  1. Hairy Chests? Not Anymore

Men have high levels of testosterone due to which the hair growth on their back and chest is way more than any other body part. Some men do not bother about this hair, but some are very conscious and prefer removing them. Similarly, people associated with sports also need to remove hair from their chest and back for aesthetic reasons.

Shaving these areas is not an effective solution because it takes a lot of time, and the results are not permanent. Just after two to three days, hair starts growing again. Similarly, waxing is also not a permanent solution because of hair regrows after one week. The biggest disadvantage of using these hair removal methods is that the hair which grows after shaving or waxing are much thicker and coarse causing a lot of discomfort and itch.

Keeping these circumstances in mind, laser hair removal is a big relief for men. Just within 3-4 sessions of laser treatment, you can get rid of that hair. It is an ideal solution to get rid of excess hair on the chest and back permanently without damaging your skin. Save your time and money by choosing laser hair removal, and we ensure you that you will never regret this decision.

  1. Perfect Beard Forever

Beard is a game-changer for men when it comes to physical appearance and looks. It has the power to enhance and completely transform the overall personality of a man. But in order to rock a bearded look, you need to maintain it regularly. You will have to trim it regularly and maintain its length to keep it in shape.

However, after trimming the hair regrow in the form of stubble, giving a very rough and untidy look. In this case, laser hair reduction can help you out. It has made the whole process of beard shaping so easy. You no longer have to trim the pesky hair that grows outside the defined border of your beard. By undergoing laser hair removal treatment for beard shaping, you can stop the hair from growing beyond the jawline on your neck.

In this way, you can get a perfect beard line without worrying about the regular trimming and maintaining. Laser hair removal is also beneficial because it reduces the thickness and coarseness of the hair caused due to shaving, tweezing, and waxing.

Other Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Apart from these three reasons to choose laser hair removal, there are various other benefits of laser too that distinguish this method from other hair removal procedures.

  • It is painless as compared to waxing, shaving, and tweezing.
  • It is a relatively quick and easy method to remove unwanted hair.
  • It can be used on any part of the body, including private areas.
  • It is effective for all skin tones and types.
  • With a series of treatment sessions, you can permanently get rid of body hair.

Some Important Facts about LHR That Men Should Know

Up till now, you must have been convinced that laser hair removal for men is far more advantageous as compared to other methods. So now, let us guide you about the treatment in detail. Here we will discuss some important facts and instructions that you need to know and follow respectively before undergoing the procedure.

Shave the Area

All the doctors recommend shaving either on the day of the treatment or a day before the treatment. Therefore, all men who are interested in laser hair removal must shave the targeted area with a razor. It allows the laser to reach the hair follicle easily. So don’t forget to shave the area at home. Otherwise, you might have to reschedule your appointment.  

Avoid Tanning

Tanning before laser hair removal- DON’T EVEN THINK OF IT!


Because when the skin is exposed to the sun, it produces more melanin pigment which begins to attract energy from the laser. It is harmful to the skin and can cause adverse reactions. Therefore, the skin should not be tanned for at least four weeks before and two weeks after the treatment.

No Itching, No Body Odor

Did you know, laser hair removal can help you with that unpleasant body odor and itching?

Yes, that’s right!

Unwanted body hair cause itching and irritation. Moreover, they also absorb body odor due to which you start smelling. By removing this hair through laser, you can get rid of body odor and itching as well.

Flatter Your Physique

You can flatter your ripped and well-maintained body through laser hair removal. After all, what’s the use of spending hours at the gym if you cannot show your fit physique? Just imagine, how unappealing your body would look because of all those chest and back hair. Therefore, the laser hair removal techniques can set you free from unwanted hair enabling you to show off your perfectly maintained body.

How to Choose the Best Clinic?

You can only get the best results from laser hair removal treatment if you have chosen a trusted and certified clinic. The success of treatment depends on the expertise of the doctor and the facilities available at the clinic. Many clinics are offering laser hair removal in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but Laser Lab is one of the leading names among them. It is a project by Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, founded to serve patients with excellence.

We have the world’s best laser therapists and specialists with cutting-edging laser technologies and equipment. You can book your free consultation with our skin experts to learn more about the treatment. They will treat you after examining your skin, and our highly trained staff will look after you throughout the treatment. So, don’t compromise on your safety and always choose the best laser clinic in Dubai.