Laser Hair Removal: Myths vs. Reality

Laser hair removal has gained immense popularity in recent times because of its incredible efficiency and skin-friendly technology. It has become the ultimate solution to get rid of unwanted body hair because other alternatives like waxing and shaving are tedious. However, there are some myths or misconceptions associated with this treatment due to which people are still not opting for laser hair removal.

Nowadays, it is easier to spread false information because there is no fact-checking on the internet. You will find several myths circulating about laser hair removal, but none of them is true. You are certainly going to miss out on the chance to have a hair-free body by letting these myths get to your head because the truth is totally the opposite. Laser hair removal is safe and the most effective treatment when it comes to getting rid of excess hair permanently.

Therefore, we have decided to debunk some of the most bizarre myths that are linked to laser hair removal treatment. We will present the facts before you that will help you in deciding whether the laser is the best option for you or not. Also, it will save you from losing an amazing opportunity by just believing something that is not even true.

Top Myths Regarding Laser Hair Removal

Firstly we will highlight some prominent myths here that need to be clarified because they can misguide people significantly. Top seven myths associated with laser hair removal are;

  • Laser hair removal is not a safe procedure for the skin.
  • By using laser hair removal on private parts, fertility gets affected.
  • Only a single hair removal session is enough to remove hair permanently
  • Laser hair removal treatment is only suitable for people with dark hair.
  • You can’t undergo laser hair removal if you are a vegetarian.
  • Laser hair removal is too painful to endure.
  • Laser hair removal can actually cause more hair to grow.

Now let’s discuss each myth in detail and debunk them one by one with substantial facts and arguments.

Myth #1 Laser hair removal is not a safe procedure for skin

Let’s start with the safety of the procedure. It is crucial to bust this myth regarding laser hair removal because it significantly influences the mind of the people. Laser hair removal is a safe treatment approved by the FDA. The safety of this procedure solely depends on the type of laser being used. FDA strictly regulates the safety mechanism of the laser procedure and approves laser systems to be used for hair removal. You just need to make sure that you are consulting with a board-certified dermatologist who is using an FDA approved laser system. Therefore, choose a laser clinic wisely.

Myth #2 By using laser hair removal on private parts, fertility gets affected

This is one of the most absurd and strange misconceptions making rounds nowadays. It is far from being true and must have been circulated when laser hair removal technology was fully understood. In reality, laser tends to target hair follicles only without penetrating beyond the surface of the skin. It will not affect anybody’s organ or its functioning at all. It means you don’t have to worry about your fertility. So, discard all such myths from your mind and opt for laser hair removal if you want a silky skin.

Myth #3 Only a single hair removal session is enough to remove hair permanently

Well, this particular myth is absolutely not true. One thing you should keep in mind is that only a single session of laser hair removal will not produce permanent results. It is done over a series of treatments to ensure that hair growth ceases permanently. Over the course of laser treatments, the hair follicle will be destroyed because hair grows in different cycles and with different timings. Laser not only targets the hair grown on the body but also targets the hair that is about to sprout. So, only when one session is not enough to remove hair forever. You might require 4-5 sessions in order to fully deal with the unwanted body hair. The number of sessions required depends on the area being targeted and varies from person to person.

Myth #4 You can’t undergo laser hair removal if you are a vegetarian.

It is one of the most ridiculous myths about laser hair removal that you will ever come across. Most probably it was started by a vegetarian with an imbalanced diet heavy in beta carotenes. A diet rich in beta carotenes include carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables that are orange in color. By eating these vegetables in excess, your skin can get a yellowish hue because of the high level of beta carotene in your body.

Now, with yellowish skin, it becomes difficult for the laser to reach the hair follicles because the extra amount of pigment in your skin begins absorbing laser. This skin condition cannot be associated with vegetarians only because not every vegetarian has yellowish skin. It can happen with any person who is not taking a balanced diet with the normal amount of beta carotene, regardless of being a vegetarian or not.

For this purpose, you need to visit a dermatologist to get your skin checked for the yellow hue that can affect the treatment. So, this myth gets discarded that vegetarians cannot get laser hair removal treatment.

Myth #5 Laser hair removal is too painful to endure.

It is completely a false perception with huge exaggeration because several technological advancements have been made in laser technology and procedure. Due to these advancements, laser hair removal is no longer a painful procedure. The use of topical numbing agents and skin serums make the treatment pain-free. It is because the hair starts shedding naturally from the follicle after getting treated with laser.

As a result of this treatment, you might feel discomfort like pinprick sensations or a sensation of a rubber band being snapped against the skin.  But there is no unendurable pain. The treated area might get red with the appearance of some Goosebumps, but all these post-treatment symptoms are temporary and will disappear after some time. The majority of patients have reported that laser hair removal is a less painful method as compared to waxing. All of these facts prove that laser hair removal is not too painful to endure.

Myth #6 Laser hair removal can actually cause more hair to grow.

It is definitely not true because if it were, people would have lined up for laser treatment as a cure to baldness. As, it does not cause more hair to grow, so it automatically proves that it is a myth. The number of hair follicles removed varies from patient to patient. Similarly, everybody has their distinctive growth patterns and human bodies constantly change.

There are chances that new hair follicles grow over time or are left untreated in the laser treatment. In addition to this, hormones and medications can also play a role in hair regrowth. In such cases, hair can grow. Otherwise, the laser destroys the hair follicles and does not create new ones. Hence proved that laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of body hair permanently especially if the required number of sessions is undergone from time to time. Because only a single laser hair removal session is not enough to stop hair growth.

The Choice of Clinic Matters

The experience you are going to have from the laser hair removal treatment is going form your opinion about it. Also, it will clear all the doubts and myths associated with it. Therefore, the choice of laser hair removal clinic and doctors matters a lot. Only a credible and reputable clinic can offer laser treatment with high-quality standards. It should have FD approved laser systems and medically licensed laser therapists. All of these qualities are found in Laser Lab. It is a leading laser hair removal clinic in Dubai, providing the best laser treatments all over the UAE under the supervision of laser experts. We have the latest laser technology which is skin-friendly and effective for all body parts. So, if you are willing to get laser treatment done then book your free consultation at Laser Lab now.