Hair Removal For Private Areas

Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas

At some point in life, you must have wondered and wished to permanently get rid of these annoying pubic hairs that appear in your private areas. It is quite obvious to desire this but, you will have to work for hair removal from private areas

We can assure you one thing that no remedy can help you get rid of these unwanted hairs forever. Almost all the clinical measures are also not a onetime solution to this problem. All these remedies can only help you suppress the regrowth of private hair greatly. However, with the help of these remedies, you can get rid of them for weeks and months to come. 

Let’s have an in-depth analysis of each remedy for hair removal for private parts to see how you can benefit from them. 

How to Remove Hair from Private Area at Home? 

  1. Hair Removal Cream for Pubic Hair 

If you want a quick solution without paying good money and that too without going to a clinic, consider these hair removal creams. There are various creams available in the market and two of them which are reviewed as the most effective ones are;   

  • Bikini Zone Bikini Cream Hair Remover 

This one works best for women and can remove all types of body hairs. 

  • Nair Hair Remover Men Body Cream 

This one is best suited for men as it has a stronger effect on rough and tough hair follicles. 

Both of these are easily available at Amazon. 

  1. Wax to Getting Rid of Private Hair 

This is one of the most popular methods to permanently remove a pubic hair from your body. Wax sticks to the top of your hair and the strip pulls it right from the root.  

Regular usage of wax weakens the hair follicles and ultimately stops the regrowth of hair. This method is very painful and if you think you cannot bear all this pain than waxing is not for you. 

  1. Papaya Treatment for Pubic Hair 

Raw papaya has been used for ages to get rid of unwanted hair. Grind raw papaya to make a thick pulp and add some raw turmeric into it for better results. Once you are done with waxing and all your pores are open, you can apply this solution onto your private areas to suppress the hair regrowth. 

Papaya has an enzyme named papain which stunts the regrowth of hair, giving you long-lasting relief from hectic shaving for months to come. 

  1. Cornstarch and Egg to Remove Pubic Hair 

Make a mixture of egg white and corn starch. Adding corn starch will help make a thick and sticky solution which is very effective for hair removal for private areas. Apply this mixture onto your freshly shaved or waxed private skin and leave it on for about 30 minutes.  

Once the solution turns into a dry cask like thing, you can remove it along with all your pubic hairs. This will also suppress the hair regrowth for a very long time. This remedy is very less painful than waxing. 

Some Clinical Remedies for Hair Removal for Private Parts

  1. Electrolysis 

This is also known as genital electrolysis. It involves the usage of shortwave radio frequency that is transmitted onto your hair follicles to destroy them by using needles. These needles are placed directly on top of your hair follicles and it is an effective technique for hair removal for private areas.  

If done by an experienced dermatologist, this miraculous treatment can certainly give you permanent relief from all your pubic hair. However, you will need multiple sittings with your practitioner. 

The treatment has no serious side effects other than the temporary ones that include itching and redness. 

  1. Laser Hair Removal for Private Hair 

This treatment is another long-lasting hair removal remedy. You must have heard about laser hair removal for facial hairs and other body parts, but it can also be used to remove pubic hair. There is a special laser device used for this purpose which is available at every laser hair removal clinic in Dubai.  

Like electrolysis, this treatment also damages the hair follicles and stops them from producing any more hair. It also requires multiple sessions with your dermatologist for long-lasting results. 

Side-effects include mild irritation and redness which goes away within a few hours. 

  1. Chemical Depilation for Pubic Hair 

Much like prescription creams, this remedy uses some over-the-counter gels or creams for hair removal from private parts. The main difference is that it uses specific chemicals to weaken hair protein called Keratin.  

Once the hair fall, you can easily wipe them off. The results of chemical depilation do not last long, but it is completely painless.  

It is a clinical remedy because you must use dermatologist-recommended chemicals only as different chemicals can force a bad reaction.  

Final Verdict 

It’s very normal to have body hair but you should not be bound to waste 10 minutes every morning in shaving them. The world has now progressed and there are long-lasting remedies to deal with pubic hair, no matter how stubborn they are. If you are thinking about permanently getting rid of your pubic hair, then don’t just think, act.  

Here at Laser Lab, we have a team of board-certified laser experts who offer the best laser hair removal for private parts. Getting cuts every day and bleeding out every morning is not an option, so go ahead and book a free appointment right now.