Laser Hair Removal For Men


Laser hair removal is becoming equally popular among men because of its amazing results. It enables them to get rid of all unwanted body hair without wasting hours on shaving. Different surveys have stated that men nowadays spend more time and money on hair removal than women. Half of the men shave their legs, chest, and back hair to get a perfectly groomed body. Almost 90% of men trim or shave their pubic hair regularly. In addition to this, many men want to have a perfectly shaped beard that defines their jawline. In such circumstances, laser hair removal for men in Dubai is the best option.


Nothing beats the razor-sharp borders of a flawlessly shaped beard when it comes to defining a neat and firm jawline. If you are lucky enough to have that look, then you will surely want it to stay that way forever. Watching the stubble appear, softening those fine borders would be heartbreaking for you.

However, you can keep that perfectly set and defined beard once and for all with a laser treatment. The advanced laser hair removal method wipes out unwanted hair from the root and keeps your boundaries defined. So what are you waiting for? Rock your beard styles without dreading the razor cuts with men beard shaping and lining in Dubai.


You are only wasting your precious time shaving your unwanted hair again and again. The longer you are going to avoid laser, the more hours you are going to waste for the rest of your life. Razor produces only short-lived results. It is hard to maintain large body areas with razor or shaving.

Men Hair Removal

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of men laser hair removal in Dubai that you need to know if you are thinking to get it done;

It is an unbelievably, convenient, and quick way of removing body hair.
It is hygienic and safe for all skin types and tones.
In just 4-5 sessions, you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently.
It is less painful than any other hair removal method.
It is effective for all body parts, including the genital areas of men.
There will be no more razor nicks and five o'clock shadows.

Laser Hair Removal is much more than delivering perfect beards only. It gives you complete freedom from the chest, back, underarms any other type of body hair that you want to remove.

What’s better than trying to run a razor down on your own back? Choosing Laser Hair Removal treatment in Dubai Of course!


The time required to complete the procedure depends on the targeted area. We have classified the time taken with respect to the body areas.
Facial Area

Facial Area

Areas like beard, upper lip, jawline, nose, ears, and neck may take only ten minutes. The laser is not recommended for eyebrow shaping because eyes are sensitive. Tweezing and threading are the best options for eyebrow shaping.


Areas like chest, abdomen, arms, shoulders, and back may take up to 30-60 minutes. Since these areas are larger than any other body area, so they take more time.


It only takes a few minutes to remove hair from genital areas with a laser. It causes less pain than waxing and can be done in the desired pattern. Razors can cause cuts in such areas, so avoid shaving.


Before you visit our clinic, make sure you follow all the pre-treatment instructions.

You should not wax, tweeze, or apply any depilatory creams on the targeted area at least three weeks before the treatment.

Shave preferably 48 hours or two days before coming to our clinic for treatment. It helps us in locating the hair.

Please do not apply any cream or lotion on the targeted area on the day of the appointment.

Laser treatment is photosensitive. Therefore, avoid tanning for almost six weeks before the procedure.


After getting the laser hair removal treatment for men, you have to follow some precautionary measures to yield better results from the procedure. Some major aftercare instructions include;
Avoid sun rays for almost six weeks after the treatment.
Apply sunscreen lotion on the targeted area recommended by the doctor. It is used to protect skin from sun rays and results in fast recovery.
Use ice packs in case of any discomfort or redness.

However, you can eliminate the chances of side effects by consulting with an expert doctor. At Laser Lab, you will find highly professional and experienced laser specialists who always prioritize patient safety.

Get your body perfectly sorted and groomed by choosing laser hair removal because men also deserve a hair-free body!


Even though laser hair removal is a safe procedure, still there are some side effects associated with it. Following are some of the complications that might occur after the treatment;
Skin Infection
Skin Burn

However, you can eliminate the chances of side effects by consulting with an expert doctor. At Laser Lab, you will find highly professional and experienced laser specialists who always prioritize patient safety.


We always recommend our patients to consult with a specialist before undergoing any treatment. For this purpose, we are offering a free initial consultation to all our patients who want to learn more about laser hair removal treatment. You can discuss your goals with our therapists, and they will answer all your queries if you are still confused. Moreover, they will guide you about the requirements of the treatment so that you leave our clinic satisfied and happy. Visit our clinic today, and get the best laser hair removal treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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